Active Minerals International produces high-quality attapulgite products at our production facility located in Quincy, FL. Attapulgite is a hydrous magnesium aluminosilicate that is used as a thixotropic thickener, anti-settling agent, syneresis control, rheology modifier and binder in a wide variety of applications. Our attapulgite products and their applications include the following.
MIN-U-GEL® 200 Used in agricultural suspensions.  MIN-U-GEL® FG Used in crack sealers / grouts and joint compounds.  MIN-U-GEL® 400 Used in a wide variety of paints & coatings (architectural, industrial, asphalt roof, masonry, texture, fire retardant and traffic), latex caulks, foundry mold washes, plastisols, tile adhesives (thin-sets), wood lamination adhesives and some asphalt cutback mastics. In molecular sieves and ceramic catalysts it is used as a binder.  FLORIGEL® HY Used to create oil well drilling mud and slurry trench walls for salt contaminated soils.
Typical markets for products containing attapulgite include: paint and coatings, building products, oil well drilling mud, agricultural suspensions, catalyst and molecular sieves.
  • Attapulgite is sometimes referred to as salt gel or fuller’s earth. Attapulgite is a hydrous magnesium aluminosilicate produced in gel and absorbent grades.
  • Active Minerals International produces the MIN-U-GEL and Florigel HY lines of gelling attapulgite clays, and is the largest producer of gelling attapulgite clay in the world.
  • MIN-U-GEL is used in liquid-based systems to stabilize the media, control flow and leveling, improve film build without sagging, and prevent settling and syneresis. It is a rheology modifier with thixotropic thickening. It also aids in suspension of pigments to help prevent flooding and floating. Some basic applications include Paints & Coatings, Joint Compounds, Adhesives and Sealants, Plastisols, and Chemical Suspensions. It is also used as a binder for Ceramic Catalysts and Molecular Sieve.
  • Florigel HY is used as a Suspension Agent in drilling muds and fracking fluids in the oil and gas markets.
  • Active Minerals International selectively mines MIN-U-GEL东京申奥女主播曝全裸视频 激战40分钟全裸女主播东京申 东京申奥女主播曝全裸视频 激战40分钟全裸女主播东京申 ,港媒曝光张柏芝被虐短片 遭绳绑口塞异物(图)_影音娱乐_新 港媒曝光张柏芝被虐短片 遭绳绑口塞异物(图)_影音娱乐_新 ,日本L奶女优自信有天赋 胸大重心不稳摔倒女优L奶冲田杏 日本L奶女优自信有天赋 胸大重心不稳摔倒女优L奶冲田杏  and Florigel HY attapulgite products from extensive deposits in Georgia and Florida. Production via proprietary processes, conducted under the auspices of rigid ISO 9001:2008 quality control and assurance standards, makes Active Minerals International gelling grade products 10% purer than competing grades of gelling clays.
  • Min-U-Gel and Florigel are registered trademarks of Active Minerals International LLC.